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About me

Fierce and passionate about competition and fitness, Lauren holds a life-long track record of success, not only in sports and fitness, but academic and business endeavors. Hailing from the hearty midwest, while playing basketball as a point guard, Lauren helps lead her high school team to a state championship in Kansas in 2004 and 2005. Excelling on the court and in the classroom, Lauren earns the honor of Valedictorian, along with college academic and basketball scholarships. She graduates Magna Cum Laude in just 3 years. As soon as she moves her tassel from right to left, she rents a U-haul and heads west. A love for year round sunshine and fitness stirs her entrepreneurial spirit. In 2009, Lauren teams with a partner to launch a fitness program for teenagers. The focus is exercise and nutrition, with Lauren spending hundreds of hours developing workouts and fundamental exercise programs. Over the next four years, Lauren works hard for the teen fitness program. She garners valuable knowledge about nutrition while working weekdays as office manager for a noted Santa Monica holistic practitioner. In her downtime, Lauren competes on co-ed softball and football teams, then embarks on a 2014 challenge to survive living in a cave for 56 days on an FX reality tv show, "Opposite Worlds." The harrowing ordeal prompts her to dive in to her next big fitness project. But first - she needed to check something off her bucket list. Lauren traveled to Tanzania, Africa with two of her girlfriends and after six long days of hiking, reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. When she returns she completes her Personal Trainer Certification and hasn't looked back since. In 2015, Lauren accepts a challenge from Beachbody and succeeds wholeheartedly. Never one to back down, the founders of F45 Australia ask Lauren's help organizing F45's launch in the U.S. at the U.S. Open of Surf competition in Huntington Beach in the summer of 2015. Lauren knows from the start she wants to be part of the F45 dream to expand in the U.S.  She begins training and co-managing at an F45 gym in Santa Monica. She believes wholeheartedly the training classes are the best available in the industry and her goal is to ensure every F45 gym member has a safe, healthy, happy and rewarding life experience. Go team F45!


NESTA Certified Personal Trainer (4 year cert)

NESTA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

ZUU Level 1 Certification

Current CPR & First Aid Certifications