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Just The Tip Tuesday

Just the Tip Tuesday

Just the TIP Tuesday - Invest In Yourself

Just the TIP Tuesday - One tip at a time

Bringing you weekly TIP’s on Transformation, Inspiration, and Purpose.

003. Invest In Yourself

It’s that time again! Thanks for dropping by for this week’s Just the TIP Tuesday! Today’s TIP is short and sweet, but often times one of the hardest things for us to do as individuals…INVEST IN YOURSELF! If you are like me, we are always wanting to help others and investing our time in them, but we never take time to invest in ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, it's great to help others when you are able; however, sometimes it's more important to make time for yourself! We all know, put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others, otherwise we just aren’t as effective in the task we have set out to complete. 

These self investments can be the simple free things we do for ourselves, like we talked about last week when we discussed changing our lives by changing our mornings, including anything from sitting in silence, meditating, praying, or taking a walk. Those free investments are not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about literally investing in yourself, because I have found that when things are handed to us, aka. given to us for free, we tend to pay less attention, or just care less in general.  We end up not making the most of these moments, or life experiences. 

I heard this quote at a fitness summit I recently attended…"The more you pay, the more you pay attention." These words really sunk is as I sat there taking copious amounts of notes and paying close attention, because I had invested time and money to be at this summit.  I started thinking about all the things in life that were given to me for free and then all of the things I really had to work for. I had a much greater appreciation for those things I earned through hard work and dedication.

For example, when I purchase a book, I am more likely to read it, than the one I get as a gift. When I pay for a seminar, I am more likely to be there start to finish and not skip out early. When I bought my first car, I took much better care of it than the one I was given for free that I knew my parents would fix if anything went wrong. These are just a few examples, but I'm sure you are thinking of some of your own right now. 

I encourage you to start investing more in yourself, as life just might start rewarding you in ways you never thought possible! 

With that, I will leave you with a few ways that I started investing in myself and got the most return on my investment.

  1. Books - I started buying books and gave myself a goal to read at least 10 pages a day. If you stay committed to this goal, you can read close to 12 books a year. Imagine how much this alone could change your life!
  2. Personal development seminar - These can be weekend or weekly seminars. I committed to two of these per year. My personal favorite was a seminar put on by Landmark called “Living Your Life with Purpose, Grace and Ease.” Choose one that is most relevant to what you are currently trying to accomplish in your life. 
  3. Fitness Summit - Health & Fitness is my passion, so it is very important that I invest in a summit at least once a year. Maybe yours is business. Do your research and find one that suits you! 
  4. Yoga Retreat - Most of my fitness is centered around functional and HIIT workouts so it is important for me to attend a yoga retreat each year to help me stay grounded and get centered. After every yoga retreat I have attended I always feel like my batteries have been recharged! 
  5. Gym Membership - when you pay for it, you are much more likely to go! Even though I have a free membership to my gym, I still pay for another gym so that I will challenge myself to train differently for maximum results. 

Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line and tell me about some of the ways you are currently investing in yourself! I would love to hear and maybe add to my list!


With gratitude,


Lauren Schwab