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Just The Tip Tuesday

Just the Tip Tuesday

Just the TIP Tuesday - Flip The Switch

Just the TIP Tuesday - One tip at a time

Bringing you weekly TIP’s on Transformation, Inspiration, and Purpose.

006. Flip The Switch

Howdy y’all and happy Tuesday! Welcome to week 6 of Just The TIP Tuesday! Today’s TIP is FLIP THE SWITCH! This is a phrase my friend Leo’s mom used a couple years ago. It has stuck with me ever since. The catchy phrase is an easy way to remind yourself to quickly shift your perspective, or change your attitude in any given situation. As quickly as you might flip the switch on when you walk into a dark room.

At some point, we all encounter experiences in life when we may be temporarily overwhelmed by a negative emotion. It can be confusion, anger, despair, doubt, anxiety, insecurity or failure.  

I use FLIP THE SWITCH as a daily practice to ‘master the moment'. As soon as I start to feel like I am heading in a negative direction, I remind myself to FLIP THE SWITCH. It helps me remember that we can make light of a seemingly dark situation and to always look for the good/positive we can take from any given circumstance.

My favorite thing to do when I am feeling overwhelmed, confused, or uninspired is to go for a hike. Taking a deep breath and immersing myself in nature always leaves me feeling refreshed and recharged.

Here are some TIPS to help you shift your perspective and be more proactive, instead of reactive when you are hit with any negative emotion.

12 FLIP THE SWITCH TIPS to Shift Your Perspective

1. Be respectful and don’t debate.

2. Acknowledge that you choose your own perspectives.

3. Consider the other’s perspective (put yourself in their shoes).

4. Don’t jump to conclusions.

5.  Look for the lesson (how you can learn from the experience).

6.  Look for the good and positive in people and situations.

7.  Smile.

8.  Show gratitude.

9.  Volunteer and help others in need.

10. Take a nap.

11. Workout.

12.  Read daily affirmations and speak positively to yourself.


I will leave you with a recent example of how I used FLIP THE SWITCH to shift my perspective and funny enough, it turned into a positive! I made 2 bucks!

I got a parking ticket, issued during "street cleaning" days. The ticket was $73. Normally, I wouldn’t be too happy about this and head talk would begin. Head talk being…”I’m only teaching 2 classes today, which means I'm only making $50 and therefore in the red for the day.” OR “Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? This always happens to me…”  Is this CARma for something? ;) BUT Instead I remembered the phrase ‘FLIP THE SWITCH’ before the head talk even began. I kept a positive attitude and thought, well this is a good reminder to set an alarm in my phone on Monday’s to remind me to move my car. I used TIP #5 and looked for the lesson.

Funny enough, when we can stay positive – life surprises us! When I got home from work that day, I received a random check from a job I did 6 months prior. The check was for $75. It turns out I made $2! It is all perspective!

Make it a great week and come back next week for TIP 007!


With gratitude,


Lauren Schwab