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Just The Tip Tuesday

Just the Tip Tuesday

Just the TIP Tuesday - Your Struggles Become Your Stories

Just the TIP Tuesday - One tip at a time

Bringing you weekly TIP’s on Transformation, Inspiration, and Purpose.

004. Your Struggles Become Your Stories


Many times in life we come to a road block and we quit or turn around and go back the other way (our past) instead of finding the best way to navigate around the road block to continue moving forward. Sure, it may take longer than expected to get to your destination, but sometimes the things that take the longest to achieve are the most rewarding. I like to remind myself in these “overwhelming” situations that this is ONLY TEMPORARY. It may be hard to see and understand in the moment, but eventually it will make sense. 

Let your struggles become your stories and let your stories help you and others ‘grow’ through life.

You might even have the “fake it until you make it” mindset which causes us to bury our struggles as far under the surface as possible. We may downplay our failures, rationalize, hide our fears and project a ‘picture perfect’ life to everyone around us. Since we’re all so good at pretending everything is going great, why bring your story of struggle to the world?

You may have heard the saying ‘what is most personal is most universal.’ That’s why, if shared, your story can bring so much value to others. When you make it okay to share that the path to success or happiness has never been a straight line, but rather a bumpy, uncertain journey, you can bring tremendous value to the world.

If I could give just ONE suggestion of how you can start using your struggles and stories to help others, it would be to start VOLUNTEERING! You won’t have to search long to find ways you can help others. For example, have you lost someone close to you, maybe a cherished grandparent? Consider visiting elderly people in nursing homes or retirement communities. Have you ever lost a job or faced a prolonged time of unemployment? Consider helping with a job training program in your community. Have you battled an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Consider supporting a local rehabilitation center that treats others who are trying to become sober. These are just a few examples, but I am sure you are starting to see how you can start volunteering in your community and make a difference in the lives of others.

Key points to remember:

1.  See your struggles through a different lens. A lens of opportunity. A lens to grow. 

2. Your struggles are temporary. 

3. Use your struggles to relate to others and form a unique way to serve them. 

4. See your struggles as gifts that have come into your life to help you accomplish your purpose.

5. Your weaknesses aren’t burdens to be avoided, but opportunities to grow.

6. Use the 'messes' in your life to transform yourself. 

7.  Start volunteering in your local community

In closing, don’t be afraid to share your struggles because when you do, you’ll discover miracles happening in your life and the lives of others in need -- miracles that you set in motion!

Remember that, no matter how much your struggles have affected you, the last chapter of your life hasn’t been written yet…be the author of your own story

Thanks again for stopping by for this week’s Just the TIP Tuesday!  Catch y’all next week!


With Gratitude,


Lauren Schwab