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Just The Tip Tuesday

Just the Tip Tuesday

Just the TIP Tuesday 011 - Play To Your Strengths

Just the TIP Tuesday - One tip at a time

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011. Play To Your Strengths

Howdy friends! Happy Tuesday! Today’s Just the TIP Tuesday is “Play To Your Strengths!” This is a phrase I have heard many times from teachers and coaches, but recently my accountability partner Ray told me to play to my strengths when it comes to my blog.

When I decided I was going to start a blog, it took me awhile to post my first one. I wanted it to be perfect, so I sent it to Ray to look over. As I was talking to him on the phone, I kept explaining it better verbally than I could write it. Ray said, “Well why don’t you play to your strengths and just start vlogging (video blogging) instead so you can explain it the way you’re thinking it.” I loved the idea and started making video’s to go along with my blogs.

Sure enough, the videos get way more views and feedback than the written content. This could simply be due to the "video age" we live in with people more apt to watch, than read about something. Or maybe my videos are truly better because that is where my strength lies and I am weaker in the written content department.

This really got me thinking though, that we may have more to gain by developing our gifts and leveraging our natural skills than by trying to repair our weaknesses.

For example, growing up, I tried playing just about every sport. I was naturally better at some, than others. I chose to focus and spend more time practicing the sports that came more naturally to me.  This way, I felt I had a better shot of eventually making it to an expert level! If I would have chosen to focus on sports I was weaker in, I may have gotten a little better over time, but probably never good enough to play at the collegiate level.

For most sports, everyone has a position. The coach puts each player in the position where they will be the strongest. They don’t have a catcher pitch, and vise versa. The coaches assess each player during tryouts, find their strengths and put them in the position where they feel they will excel. If coaches put players in positions where they're weak, they could be setting them up for failure.

Figure out what you’re good at, your unique strengths and abilities, and do more of that! If you aren’t sure what you’re good at, ask some of your closest friends and family, they usually know right away what you’re best at!

Playing to your strengths is important not only in business and sports, but also very important in relationships. If you are better at expressing how you feel through written words, you can write a letter to your partner instead of bottling up feelings because it’s hard for you to have a conversation. If you are better at expressing verbally then make sure you make some time to converse with your partner so they always know how you feel. 

In closing, I believe everyone has a genius within them. It is your gift. Your special talent. Your natural skills. Your strength. Play to that!


Love you all!


With gratitude,


Lauren Schwab