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Just The Tip Tuesday

Just the Tip Tuesday

Just the TIP Tuesday - Your Environment Matters

Just the TIP Tuesday - One tip at a time

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016. Your Environment Matters

Happy Tuesday! Today’s just the TIP Tuesday is “Your Environment Matters” … A LOT!

When it comes to productivity in any area of your life, YOUR ENVIRONMENT MATTERS! Your environment must support your goals.

Last week, we talked about how important your circle of influence is and how to choose wisely when it comes to the people you are spending the most time with.  This week, we are going to discuss something equally as important and that’s your environment. Your environment is the actual physical space you maneuver throughout the day…it is what you experience from the moment you wake up and start moving through your day, until you go to sleep at night.

Your environment can greatly impact your attitude, energy, health, effort, productivity and ultimately your success.

You need to make sure your surroundings set you up for success. What is around you will either aim you toward your goal, or pull you away.  Don’t let your environment distract you and hold you back from getting started on and accomplishing your goals.

First things first, keep your space free of chaos. Clutter can contribute to confusion and chaos. A clean and organized space allows for more focus and a clearer, positive way to keep moving forward throughout your day. Do the dishes before bed and make the bed as soon you wake up.  Get rid of all the extra “stuff” that you don’t need consuming your space by donating it (if it is worth something) and dumping it if it has no use.  Your home will instantly feel lighter and you will be happier.

Beyond de-cluttering, something I like to make sure I have in my work/living space is natural lighting as well as daily affirmations up on the walls, mirrors, notes on my phone and alerts to keep me on track and infuse a sense of peace and calm in my home (or office). Creating a positive, healthy environment that is easy to work in is pertinent to your success.

Other factors that can steal our precious time and keep us from accomplishing our top priorities include aimlessly scrolling though social media platforms, emails, TV channels, and even our roommates can distract us at times.  Now, I am not saying ignore your roommates, but if you have things to do, you don’t want to get caught up in small talk. It might be great for you to create a peaceful workspace in your room, so you can keep your door shut when you’re working on important projects.

You must clear the path to success if you want to consistently get there! Take ownership of your environment and realize if you aren’t getting things done it is because you are allowing distractions to send you on a detour and control your life.  It is your responsibility to create an environment that will set you up for success.

Now, what are we waiting for?! Let’s start creating that environment NOW!

Good luck friends!


With love and gratitude,


Lauren Schwab